Aug 13

Natural Skin Care Products Can Be So Much Better Than Department Store Stuff

I started taking care of my skin a lot better after I got diabetes. I noticed that my skin would dry out and crack open at my fingers and on my heels. I started with just using regular retail lotions, and then I progressed to where I was using natural skin care products for the best effect for my skin. You do have to look at the ingredients as well as where those ingredients are sourced. Plus, it is a good idea to ask about manufacturing processes. I found that the regular retail department store lotions and soaps did not do much to help my skin. Some of the stuff actually burned when I used it. Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 19

Facial Pore Suction Cleaner Blackhead Acne Remover – How Do They Work

If you have oily skin, then you probably also suffer from large pores and the accumulation of oil, dirt and dead skin cells that eventually lead to blackheads. One might get a few large blackheads here and there, while people with oily skin can have a number of tiny, speck like blackheads all over their face. Some people are using a facial pore suction cleaner blackhead remover to battle acne. In this article, we will discuss how these pore suction cleaner blackhead tools are used.

Facial pore suction cleaner blackhead removers are available in a number of different brands and the pricing can vary. For example, Avon sells one for only $12 that works well. There are also more expensive ones available.

When you use a blackhead cleaner, the first step is to open your pores and use a mild cleanser to clean your face. There are a number of ways to do this. You can steam your face in the shower to open the pores, use a warm wash cloth or hold your face over a bowl of boiling water for five minutes. After opening your pores, gently cleanse your face using your fingers. Often time this will start the removal process and some of your blackheads will be eliminated. Rinse well and you are ready for the next step.

The next step is to begin using the pore cleaner. Don’t let your face get too dry at any time during the pore cleansing process. Keep your face wet with warm water, not merely moist. The wetness on your skin will help you keep a good seal for the suction cup against your skin.

The first time, you may get what some call the “scraping off” of surface dead cells, but keep at it and re-wet skin with warm

Oct 19

Dry Skin And Acne Treatment Not As Hard As You Thought

Everyone knows what an acne treatment entails. There are several different products and routines that can be used to help you deal with acne and even the occasional pimple. Most of these products work well when treating common acne problems.

However, the majority of these products are made with strong ingredients such as retinoids and salicylic acid. These components are great for oily or combination skin, but they may be too strong for dry skin. Therefore, acne treatments for dry skin require an entirely different approach.

For dry skin, you will have to depend on gentler, acne fighting ingredients. As a matter of fact, an adequate treatment for acne will also need on a good moisturizer to help keep acne bacteria from breaching your skin. Here are a few helpful hints:

You can take this Vitamin B5 as a supplement. Using this vitamin has shown an increase in the production of coenzyme-A, which is linked to the decrease in acne. This can be a safer alternative to traditional skin care products.

Tea tree oil has been used for decades as a skin care product. Now it is also being used as a gentler form of acne treatment. It can be used as an alternative to benzoyl peroxide, but if used as such you need to make sure it’s diluted.

Regular moisturizing is also essential if you want to combat acne. When the skin is too dry, it will begin to crack allowing acne bacteria to enter the lower layers of the skin and, eventually, leading to infection.

So if you think acne treatments are important, you’re in for a surprise. When acne is not treated or treated correctly it can lead to acne scars which are in a whole different ballpark.

Other Alternatives to Scar Treatment

The way

Oct 19

Man Skin Care

Mens skin care

�Man skin care� would seem like an alien topic to some men. It would have been even more alien a few years back. However, more and more men are now realising the importance of man skin care (and hence you see markets flush with man skin care products too). Even though the male skin is very different from that of a female, �man skin care� is very similar to the skin care for women.

�Man skin care� too starts with cleansing. Water soluble cleansers are preferred. Cleansing helps remove the dirt, grease and pollutants from the skin and helps in preventing pore clogging. The inherent oily nature of male skin makes cleansing an important part of man skin care procedure. Cleansing should be done at least once every day, even better if it is done twice a day. Using soap on the face is discouraged.

�Man skin care� revolves a lot around shaving. Shaving foam/gel/cream and after shave lotion are one of the most important man skin care products. Serious �man skin care� requires a proper selection of shaving related equipment and products. One of the main considerations in choosing shaving products should be the skin type (since the degree of oiliness differs from person to person). Alcohol-based aftershaves should be avoided. Proper �man skin care� also mandates the use of good quality razors. Here, swivel-head razors are preferred since they are known to reduce cuts. Besides these products and equipment, it is also necessary that you use them properly. Be gentle when using your razor. Do not scratch it against your skin; use a soft and smooth action (after all it�s a matter of removing hair, not the skin itself).

Male skin is generally thicker and oilier, owing to larger pores and more active sebaceous

Oct 17

Major Aspects Contributing To Acne Formation

Dealing with acne can be very stressful. Trying to figure out what causes it may be even more confusing. There may be many myths that surround this type of skin condition, and debunking these myths can help you deal with this skin condition better. There are a few major factors that contribute to the cause of irritable skin problems. These factors include: overproduction of oil in the skin, abnormal shedding that occurs with dead skin cells and the build up of bacteria.

Many people deal with acne because the hair follicles of the skin have become clogged with oil and dead skin cells. Each hair follicle is attached to a sebaceous gland, which emit oils. These oils function as lubricators to your hair and skin. .

This oily substance moves along the hair shafts and out of the hair follicles for lubrication. When too much of the oily substance is produced and mixes with dead skin cells they mesh together to form a clog. This begins the formation of a skin condition.

The actual pimple you see on your skin is a direct result of this clog. This is because the mix of oil and dead skin cells push against the follicle wall, causing it to expand. You will then see the white head of the pimple. If the clog is exposed to open air and bacteria, a blackhead is formed.

When these clogs happen deep within the hair follicle, much lower than right beneath the skin’s surface, lumps known as cysts are formed. These are often the red lumps that do not have a white or black head you will notice with the formation of acne. So what about sweat glands? In comparison to the hair follicle, the pores of sweat glands are not typically

Oct 17

Anti-aging Skin Care Vitamin E slows down the Aging process and keeps you looking Younger Longer

For anti-aging purposes, Vitamin E is essential to slow down the aging process. Taken as a daily supplement, it will assist in your anti-aging skin care routine.

Our bodies produce free radicals and anti-oxidants on a continuous basis. As we grow older, we produce more free radicals, and less anti-oxidants. Free radicals are like rust to metal. Utra violet light, pollutants, and smoke produce free radicals which cause oxidation to skin cells, and the degeneration of internal organs. Anti-oxidants, on the other hand, fight and prevent free radicals from harm to body tissue at the cellular level.

Vitamin E contains powerful anti-oxidants which can be obtained from diet. Foods including broccoli, almonds, blackberries, bananas, apples, kiwi fruit, sunflower seeds, peanuts, Brazil nuts, pine nuts, avocadoes, spinach, and leafy green vegetables are rich sources of Vitamin E. However, many people are Vitamin E deficient because they cannot receive their full RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) from diet alone. So an oral supplement might be necessary. For adults, a normal daily intake of 10 to 30IU of Vitamin E is recommended, and 200IU to 400IU for anti-aging purposes.

Other than anti-aging skin care benefits, Vitamin E boost immunity levels, reduces hot flashes in menopausal women, thwarts arthritis, fights cancer and heart disease. A topical solution of Vitamin E cream applied to the skin reduces wrinkles, heals minor cuts and abrasions without leaving scars. A Vitamin E cream heals, seals, and soothes broken and stressed skin tissue.

Too much Vitamin E taken daily can do you harm, so try not to ingest more than 400IU per day. If consumed excessively, it can cause hemorrhaging and disrupt blood coagulation, and also interfere with certain medications. So if in doubt, consult your physician.

Ingested with care by not exceeding 400IU per

Oct 13

Obtain A Natural Facial Result With Botox Treatment

Worried about age related comments that you receive usually at office or at some event, your face seems that you have started aging, the spots and wrinkles present on the face disturb all your dressing as it is the face people are usually attracted towards. All your worries can be catered to with the help of Botox treatment which is today considered to be the first and FDA approved prescription that is used to treat all such facial troubles.

You will be tempted by knowing the areas it will treat and leave your skin blemish free and smooth:

– Brow Lift or Brow Balance
– Bunny Lines
– Chest Rejuvenation (Cleavage Wrinkles)
– Crow’s Feet
– Drooping of the corners of the mouth
– Due to overactive muscles, dimpling
– Excessive Sweating (Palm, Soles & Underarm Hyperhidrosis)
– Forehead Lines
– Frown Lines
– Furrows between the eyebrows
– Gummy Smile
– Neck Bands
– Smoker Lines
– Teeth Grinding
– Wrinkled and Dimpled Chin

How The Injection Works?
As a result of a contracting muscle, a wrinkle in the skin is formed. Adding to this there is a vertical muscle in the forehead and on contraction, the lines forming wrinkles become horizontal. Same is the case for the muscles that are responsible for frown lines that are in a horizontal placement between the eyebrows. On contraction these lines turn vertical.

When Botox is injected into the muscles, the nerve impulses to the tissues are blocked. This helps in lessening the frown lines and gives the overall face a smooth like appearance. Now, when there is no contraction in the muscles, the skin becomes wrinkle free. The Botox treatment all in all will gift you with a youthful appearance with the reduction of wrinkles.

Who Should Not Opt For Botox Treatment
In case you are

Oct 10

Herbal Remedy To Get Rid Of Acne Fast And Naturally

One should use natural herbs, supplements, spices and other natural treatments in order to get rid of acne. After reading this post, you will have everything to treat your acne problem efficiently within three months time. These are effective herbs and proven to be successful since ancient times. There are many people who have used these herbs and have had effective results as well. So lets see them here below:

Ginger is one of the best herbs to get rid of acne. Ginger is the best spice or herb that you can have to treat your acne problems. Ginger is enriched with anti inflammatory elements which make it effective in helping to get rid of acne. Anti inflammatory elements of ginger also help in reducing redness and swelling caused by acne. Apart from that, it is also believed to be one of the best natural antibiotics. It can kill bacteria that cause acne in your body. Other important advantages are enhanced hormone and immune system.

You can try garlic, if you dont like ginger. Ginger and garlic are members of the same family and garlic has similar results on your body. Both ginger and garlic have similar strength in helping you to get rid of acne. Ginger can be consumed in the form of juice. You can add sugar, honey and other flavors so that it tastes better. Garlic can also be consumed in the form of juice. Drinking pure, fresh garlic or ginger juice is recommended if possible in order to get maximum advantages in treating acne.

Ginko biloba is another herb which is advantageous to your overall health. This herb has the capability to enhance immune system and blood circulation. Since it helps in improving blood circulation in your body it helps in detoxification of toxins

Oct 10

Obagi nu-derm starter kit – the ideal skin care product

The mystery of looking beautiful and young hides in the condition of skin. So since thousands of years back beauty conscious women experimented with various method and ingredients to keep their skin healthy and glowing. But like queen of Cleopatra will you try whipped ostrich egg or mixture of dough, resin or milk, bullock’s bile or other odd things. Since as early as 4th millennium BC women tried so many odd things to keep them beautiful. It is not very just to say that this primordial process or so called natural processes is very absurd. But the fact is that these processes are never complete. In some material their might be some ingredients which is partially helpful but not completely effective. A proper scientific study and research in other hand invented the right thing to take care and help fight wear and tear of your skin. Obagi products are creation of lots of research and custom-made keeping in mind your delicate problems desire. After being indifference for a long period if someone certainly starts to take care of their skin Obagi nu-derm starter kit is ideal for them for keeping in mind all the major problems and how much skin had suffered from UV rays and other environmental hazards Obagi nu-derm starter kit provides nourishment to various condition of skin. Be it normal, oily or dry

The most prevalent skin condition that bother are acne, sun damage, hyper pigmentation, uneven skin tone and surface, aging skin, wrinkles, damage created by U V rays of sun, dehydration or lack of moisture etc. If you were never conscious of such things at early age as late twenties and early thirties you will find your skin in completely mess. All most all short of complications and problems starting simultaneously would make things

Oct 10

Clear Up Your Acne Skin Fast

Having suffered from acne in the past but overcome it now, I want to give you some instant acne remedies you can use to see a clear up fast.

Create your own acne scrub with kosher salt, lemon juice and honey. Instead of buying one of those expensive acne scrubs at the drugstore, this homemade scrub will exfoliate and sterilize your skin. It may be a little sticky, but you will get used to it once you see the wonders it will do on your skin. Mix two parts honey with one part kosher salt. Mix well. Add a splash of lemon juice and mix again. No need to refrigerate your homemade acne scrub, just keep it covered by the sink. Use the scrub for two minutes when you wake up and before you go to bed. Rinse well with hot water and a clean washcloth after using.

Grind the fenugreek leaves in a mixer grinder. Make a paste by adding water to it. Apply this paste overnight and rinse it off the next morning. Use lukewarm water while you rinse this paste. This is one of the very effective natural acne treatments.

Eat a lot of fresh cucumbers to smooth your skin and cleanse all toxins in your body. I found that cucumbers are great quick fix to cure acne naturally. Egg Mask: Before applying this mask make sure your face is thoroughly cleaned. Take white portion of two eggs and add 2 tablespoon of lime juice into it. Beat the mixture well so that the two components blend well with each other. Dip a cotton swab into it and apply it on the acne generously.

Apply some honey on the affected area of the skin, and leave it for a few hours. For best

Oct 09

What Do You Know About Contemporary Skin Care Lines

Wow, are there ever a lot of cosmetics gracing the market these days. All I have to say is good luck finding the ideal one for your skin type. Okay, it’s actually not that difficult if you know a few things beforehand. For example, knowing your skin type is always helpful. This will narrow down the search significantly. Second of all it’s beneficial to know what products or ingredients irritate your skin. It’s prudent to avoid these for dear life. Well then, although the world of beauty products is flooded with skin care lines, you can find one that works wonders on your delicate mug. Or maybe you have already.

What do you know about contemporary skin care lines? Well, besides the fact that there are hundreds of them. Are you aware that certain skin care lines are designed to suit specific skin types? This is generally the way it’s done in the cosmetic world. This is basically to maximize the results for each individual user. So if you require skin care lines for dry skin; your products are going to be less drying and more moisturizing. This makes sense, right? Clearly a person with oily skin would not want these skin care lines for obvious reasons. Now, what products are good and which ones are bad? This is relative to the user. If you get online and sort through reviews, you will soon learn that some folks love certain products that other individuals despise. I recently got a dose of this when I was purchasing some Aveda shampoo for my wife. Although some customers rated it very high and claimed it was ideal, a few others ranted about how it made their hair fall out. Yikes! This is the way it works though. Some things that work well

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