Aug 13

Natural Skin Care Products Can Be So Much Better Than Department Store Stuff

I started taking care of my skin a lot better after I got diabetes. I noticed that my skin would dry out and crack open at my fingers and on my heels. I started with just using regular retail lotions, and then I progressed to where I was using natural skin care products for the best effect for my skin. You do have to look at the ingredients as well as where those ingredients are sourced. Plus, it is a good idea to ask about manufacturing processes. I found that the regular retail department store lotions and soaps did not do much to help my skin. Some of the stuff actually burned when I used it. Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 18

How Green Are Your Skin Care Products

Everyday we wash down millions of gallons of chemicals down the drain. These chemicals come from cleaning agents, industrial and agricultural sources, and skin care products just to name a few. These chemicals disrupt aquatic ecosystems, seep into underground water sources and contribute to the endangerment of marine life and wildlife. Additionally, most communities get their drinking water from surface sources such as lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, and while our drinking water is filtered through a water treatment facility, traces of chemicals still remain.

There are many benefits for you and the environment when choosing green skin care products. First and foremost, green skin care products do not include harmful ingredients such as:

1,4-Dioxane: a known animal carcinogen, a known eye and respiratory tract irritant, and is suspected of causing damage to the central nervous system. Phthalates: Studies have shown these cause birth defects and harm male reproductive organs. Unfortunately, a legal loophole in the US means that phthalates can be included in a product’s fragrance without actually appearing on the label.

Parabens: These are common preservatives which can mimic the hormone estrogen, which can increase the risk of developmental breast cancer and urogenital abnormalities. A recent study by the Environmental Working Group just completed a study of hormone disrupting chemicals in skin care products and teen age girls. You can read that report at Environmental Working Group on the web.

Triclosan: This is classified by the EPA as a probable human carcinogen, and its overuse could result in drug-resistant bacteria. This chemical is commonly found in anti-bacterial soaps and cleaners. You can read more about this chemical and it overuse on squidoo lens titled Creating Super Germs.

Whether you decide to make your own skin care products or purchase green skin care products, rest

Aug 16

Anti Aging Skin Care For Woman Over 50

Every women is concern about their look and their overall beauty this is especially true when you are young, but as we age we face some skin problems like wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and other imperfections that we wan to avoid. Although its truth that we cant reverse aging, we do can slow aging and in some cases with dramatic results.

The problem that most people have they do not take care of their body properly and in we let the visible signs of aging to appear as if it were normal. The fact is that the visible signs of aging are the result of lots of sun exposure, bad eating habits, obesity, stress and environment toxins.

So the people that take special care for their body and skin during her life, will have a much better looking skin at age 50 and above. Skin care for woman over 50 is not much different for any other age, however when we are young, we dont have to deal with wrinkles and pigments, so there are a few things that we have to do.

As i said above the sings of aging that appear in our face are most of the time due to lack of care for our body, however as we age our body declines to produce some very important substances that young people have in abundance called elastin and collagen.

Collagen is responsible to give our skin a firm look and elastin helps to keep the natural elasticity of our skin. So what we have to do is find an anti aging product that will help our body produce more collagen and elastin to keep our skin firm and erase fine lines from our skin.

Another very important element that women over 50 should take a lot

Aug 16

Effective Tips For Adult Acne Treatment

You are an adult and you still suffer with acne? Do not be ashamed, it’s normal. But it’s also very annoying, so let me help you with adult acne treatment. You will see that it’s not that hard. If you follow these and other advice about adult acne treatment from a great guide, you can say acne within 2 months “goodbye”. “.

I have to tell you the truth about acne. It does not matter how old are you. Every person can have acne, whether he is 15 years or 40 years old. It is true that acne affects young people more, because they are in puberty. During this period, their body is undergoing major changes, which you certainly know. In this period teenagers have more oily skin, and therefore they have more acne. But for many people have acne well in adulthood. And in this period are pimples even more annoying. I want to help you with adult acne treatment of this disease.

Where I should start with adult acne treatment and what causes acne?

Surely you think that acne is an external disease. But it’s not true. Spots on the surface of your skin are just a big warning that something is wrong with your body. Do not worry, it’s nothing serious. But it causes acne, and we want to cure it, right? Therefore, we must focus on healing the problems inside of your body.

Essential advice for adult acne treatment are drinks and hygiene. Wash your face with soap 2x a day. It will suffice to clean your face. And now look at the drinking. Drink at least 2-3 liters of clean water every day! If you do not like water, say for yourself, that it will help your acne. I think with this

Aug 14

A Detailed Guide To Restylane Fillers

Said to be a gel that is based on stabilized hyaluronic acid, restylane fillers are your best solution if you are looking to get long lasting cure to your wrinkles and an increase in your facial features such as the cheeks, chin and lips. Before we shed light upon restylane lets first know about hyaluronic acid.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

In almost all living organisms, hyaluronic acid is considered to be a sugar molecule that acts as an absorber in movable parts of the joint. For the spreading of nutrients in different parts of the body and in water regulation as well as increase in the volume and structure of the face this acid qualifies best.

How the skin is benefitted from Restylane?

With a single restylane treatment, you will be able to witness the long lasting enhanced results as well as a natural looking facial appearance. Moreover, with this filler your facial looks will be controlled irrespective of your age and the ongoing age process.

The Areas that can be Treated?

With restylane you will be able to do away with all the wrinkles, facial line son your face, shape different areas that require contouring and create volume in different areas of the face if required. Below are the areas that are treated with restylane and gift the patient with full skin revitalization:

– Lip enhancement (volume is added to the hydrated lips)
– Nose to mouth lines (the nasolabial folds)
– The area between the eyebrows known as glabella lines
– Shaping and contouring of cheeks and chin
– Skin revitalization on the back of the hands, face, neck and overall

Why should one Choose Restylane?

Restylane today, is said to be the most tested and tried filler that gifts the patients with long lasting results as well as a changed appearance that is most desirable to

Aug 13

Make Your Skin Glow Like Never Before Natural Acne Treatment

Age is a relative term when it comes to acne. It can occur at any time in an individuals life without any prior warning or information. These acne can cause many more of its ugly forms such as pustules, pimples, whiteheads, cysts or blackheads. It is not only for the present but it can gradually cause problems and thus, make the skin surface rough and patchy forever. Therefore, it is important that you stick to the natural acne treatment which life has to offer and not the chemical treatments that have become more popular nowadays as once you are off these medicines, the pimples would pop up again. However, with natural ingredients and plants you can make them disappear from the root, so they do not disturb you ever again in your life.

There are many organic products and ingredients that help you heal your acne better and quicker. Of course acne has nothing to do with gender, you and your brother, for instance have equal probability of getting acne in your teens. Rather than treating them later in life, it is always recommended that you begin to treat them as early as you get them. There are few naturally grown organic products that can do wonders to your skin and hence, stop acne from occurring again and again. The best part about them are that they do not do any chemical change in the body mechanism and yet be effective. Few of them are listed below in detail:

Tea Tree Oil : This product has anti acne properties and helps in reducing acne scars and pimples effectively. It has teriphen-4-ol, which helps in fighting bacteria and infection over the period of time. Infection triggers acne, therefore, if the infection is treated well then those pimples would fade away

Aug 09

Ling Skin Care For A Celebrity-like Skin

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It serves as a shield and protection of the inside of our body from the harmful elements in our environment. It defenses our body from microbes, pollution, and other destructive factors. In fact, our skin somewhat helps our body gets rid of toxins by means of perspiration. Furthermore, our skin also regulates our body temperature. With those things in mind, it is just important that we take care of our skin. There are a number of amazing lines of beauty and skin care products out in the market today. Let us take a closer look at one of them.

Ling Skin Care has one of the most wonderful and quality lines of beauty and skin care products. The brainchild of this New York based skin care line is Ling Chan. She is a famous Facialist who had helped countless celebrities maintain their amazing looks and glowing skin. Her success is contributed by the beautiful and healthy skin of the many of her clients who regularly visit her spa centers located in Manhattan. She was able to develop a wide array of professional skin care treatments that can be used professionally and at home. That is why she was able to establish a loyal following which includes big name celebrities.

Ling Skin Care provides all the solutions for all skin care problems such as dermal fatigue and even aging. There are so many skin care lines out there claiming to deliver amazing results but only few actually delivers. With Ling Skin Care products, the results are simply amazing. Ling had dedicated over 30 years of her time mastering the art of skin care. She combined Western technologies to the traditional Asian health principles to come up with high quality products people can

Aug 09

It’s Not Just Bad Food Causes of Acne

Acne can breakout due to several reasons, anyone may face a lot of factors to develop the growth of acne.Aside from your lifestyle and hormonal changes, it can be obtained from parents too. Food and medicine intake also plays a big factor.Try to find the main cause of acne especially your own case before undergoing any expensive treatments to prevent it or buying any skin care products to cure acne.

One of the major reasons of acne breakout is due to changes in hormones inside the body.Hormonal changes can also occur during pregnancy of a women and it not only pertains to adolescence.For most women, acne serves as a sign that their menstruation is about to begin.Androgen, a hormone that can be found in both men and women increases when hormonal change happens.Natural oil produces in all parts of the body as a result of stimulation of oil ducts.According to a study, eight out of ten people with increased amount of androgen are prone to have moderate to severe breakouts and it depends on the way they live their life.The remaining twenty percent who are living a healthy and clean lifestyle are lucky enough not to experience acne breakout.

Acne breakout can be triggered by the way one live his lifestyle.The glow and the overall appearance of your skin can be influenced by the way you live your life everyday. Aside from dull and dry skin that you can get from drinking alcohol and cigarette smoking, acne can breakout as well.Down and out diet and inactive lifestyle can also trigger pimples, blackheads and different kinds of acne to breakout. People who have insufficient level of Vitamins An and E on their body should start taking fruits, vegetables and capsules where these vitamins can be found.

Out of

Aug 02

Acne Triggers – How To Avoid Breakouts

acne is a common skin disorder that can affect anyone. Whiteheads, blackheads, redness and pain are the most normal symptoms of this condition. What are some of the most common triggers and how can we prevent future pimple episodes?
Common Acne Triggers
Hormones: Our body goes through vast hormonal changes during puberty. However, hormones and zits can collide numerous times in a lifetime such as during menstrual cycles, menopause, pregnancy, stressful situations or just about any time they become unbalanced. This means that you can be affected by acne at any age. Hormonal changes provoke the over production of the oil sebum which can clog along with devitalized cells and end in breakouts.
Environmental Factors: Environmental factors also have an effect on our skin. Pollution, humidity and excessive sun exposure can all be factors that trigger acne episodes. Temperature or Climate changes can make the skin dry, boosting the over production of sebum.
Immoderate Inflammatory Responses: Uncontrolled bacteria damage our skin and cause our body to respond with immoderate inflammatory reactions. P. acnes are normal residents of the skin and these are normally harmless. However, when pores get obstructed with sebum and dead cells, P. acnes get ‘stuck’ within the pores. Bacteria start to grow inside the pores, altering the chemical balance of sebum, which end in redness, swelling and in a feverish sensation.
Tips to prevent acne
The first rule to control and keep zits away is to clean your face, but not more that twice a day. Over-washing can deprive the skin from essential lipids, encouraging an over-production of sebum. If you already have pimples on your skin, use a cleanser or a mild soap to prevent irritation.
Sauna treatments normally involve three 15 minute intervals in the sauna and 5

Jul 31

Applicable Acne Tips To Avoid Acne And Remove Acne Scars

Applicable acne tips to avoid acne and remove acne scars

You should go for stopping your acne from developing, this is the most vital rule to remember and if you have acne then its necessary you should treat it early and so that it will not develop right into a severe case of acne there presently many other acne medications you can use to start treating your acne problems and some acne medications contain benzoyl peroxide and it can heal acne fast with some acne medications those contained benzoyl peroxide and aloe-Vera extract are really very helpful elements that can heal acne more fast and remove acne scars.

Herbs with aloe Vera extracts and also a medication that contains aloe Vera extracts are could be proved good for removing acne scars and aloe Vera has a respectable reputation in the field of for removing scars and for moisturizing the skin also as an anti-inflammatory agents, aloe Vera contains anti-bacterial properties both them that fights infectio and tightens and balances the total skin also minimizes scarring and greatly speeds-up healing. Aloe Veras regenerate and heal acne scars from inside out and just because it has enzymes that help to skin tissue regenerate, it can be used to heal pimples, cuts, psoriasis, itching also burns and many skin problems.

Use a medication that you can remove acne scars or you may want to purchase a medication that has all elements that can remove and get rid of acne and its problems this kind of medication could prove as great powerful medication to stop acne and also remove acne scars, whether you have no more acne or just left with acne scars you need to get this kind of medication right because even if you are just using a medication that all can

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